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Music is the Path, Not the Goal



In February 2023, Jasmin Röder, a recorder player and also a columnist for the German magazine Tibia specializing in recorders, wrote to us requesting an interview. The interview was published in May 2023, and now we provide a translation for our readers in Portuguese and English. Portraits: Music is the Path, Not the Goal Original Article: or read the original PDF file here Jasmin Röder in Conversation with the Quinta Essentia Recorder Quartet May 5, 2022 Jasmin Röder / Photo: © Paulo Rapoport The Quinta Essentia Quartet, founded - Leia mais...
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Zooming in the quarantined recorders in Brazil



Difficult times force the artists to reinvent and be creative, finding new ways to connect to the audiences. On June 24th we completed 3 months in social isolation. Unfortunately, rehearsals, concerts and tours were cancelled, but we discovered many positive aspects of the situation: presencial lessons were transformed into online lessons with a very good quality and experience for the students. After 13 weeks of social isolation we can share what we learned from this situation, and everything we are doing in order to continue to making music together, and strengthening the recorder community. Before the pandemics, we already had online students, some of them in other countries such as Australia and Belgium, and some living in different and far regions in Brazil (that has 4394km north/south and 4319km east/west, something huge when compared to any Eur - Leia mais...
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Brazilian Recorders at “The Interludes”



Original article: MONDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2018 REVIEW  Quinta Essentia, “The Interludes”, First Lutheran Church, Torrance  by David J Brown    The fact that the South Bay has several chamber music series, most of them master-minded by Jim Eninger , means that—like the weather in New England—if whatever is current is not to your taste, then just wait as something different will be along shortly.And usually that something different is really different…  I don't know about in America, but way back when I was in post-war English primary school the last resort of hopeful music-teachers faced with a class of terminally unmusical kids was to hand out an armful of treble recorders and hope for the best. As one of those kids, it was quite a few years before I reali - Leia mais...
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When the music makes sense



When we talk about music teaching, be it about music theory or how to play an instrument such as the recorder, we often discuss the curriculum, or the program that must be taught. Is that enough to play well and awe the audience? During the period that the music student begins his studies until he graduates, too much emphasis is placed on the curricula, but little is taught about the skills or behaviors that make the beauty of the music, touching the heart of the audience, that is, what really makes a difference in the life of a musician. Components of musicality Let's think about it: What makes someone a good musician? I know, it is not easy to answer this question in an objective way, and I believe that this question is not related to musical style, but rather with musical practice. When I think of a musician I admire, some things are common in - Leia mais...
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The difference between amateurs and professionals



I read this article and I think it is very related with the music students practice and about those who want to professionalize themselves in the music and arts world. So, I decided to translate it to Portuguese, in a way the Brazilian people could access this content. The Difference Between Amateurs and Professionals Original link: Portuguese translation: Gustavo de Francisco (the article in English is copied ipsis literis) Why is it that some people seem to be hugely successful and do so much, while the vast majority of us struggle to tread water? The answer is complicated and likely multifaceted. One aspect is mindset—specifically, the difference between amateurs and professionals. Most of us are just amateurs. What’s the difference? Actually, there are many differenc - Leia mais...
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‘An inspiring and distinctive performance’: Quinta Essentia’s Art of Fugue



Original post: We were delighted to receive leading Brazilian recorder quartet Quinta Essentia’s latest CD for review in this issue. Summer Alp, a final-year undergraduate student of recorder and baroque oboe at the Royal College of Music in London, reviews the disc for us here... Quinta Essentia is Brazil’s premier recorder quartet. This is their third recording since forming ten years ago (previous discs are ‘La Marca’ in 2008 and ‘Falando Brasileiro’ in 2013), and only the second ever recording of J. S. Bach’s Art of Fugue on recorders (the first is from the Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet in 1998). The recorder consort is uniquely placed to perform this work, which famously does not specify instrumentation. Previous performances and recordin - Leia mais...
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Bach: The Art of Fugue – Quinta Essentia Quartet



Original post: Review by Adrian Quanjer - March 12, 2017 This is special in a number of ways. The most obvious one is: more than 81 minutes of recorded sound against 80 minutes said to be the maximum for the CD layer. However, a more important one pertains to the choice of instruments. Before going into that, it’s perhaps useful to realize, though scholars do not agree, what ‘The Art of the Fugue’ is about; what was Bach’s purpose? It is illuminating that Bach did not write the variations for a specific instrument. They were written in so called ‘open score’. This was not uncommon in those days, as long as it gives at - Leia mais...
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Don’t miss our new posts!



The last Facebook changes lowered the views on facebook pages. Here we show how to continue receiving the FlautaDoceBR news and articles about Recorders! It is very simple 01. Go to our facebook page (click here) and put your mouse pointer over the "Like" button. Captura de Tela 2016-07-03 às 19.24.14 02. Click on "See First". 03. Cick on "All on" Captura de Tela 2016-07-03 às 19.25.51 Ready! Now you will not to miss any of our posts! - Leia mais...
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America Tour: Review at NEIU Independent



In May and June 2016, Quinta Essentia toured over United States passing over 8 cities in 5 states. There were 7 concerts, and its members offered 8 masterclasses and a speech, also participating at the SAA Conference in Minneapolis and the Whitewater Early Music Festival. About the concert at Northeastern Illinois University in the Jewel Box Series, Quinta Essentia received the review by the NEIU Independent, transcribed below: Recording Bach: Quinta Essentia Jewel Box Original article: Pablo Medina, Production Manager May 25, 2016 I never hear enough recorder in my life. The same is most likely true for many people, even in kindergarten and music appreciation classes. The Quinta Essentia Quartet from Brazil made that statement truer with their strong perfor - Leia mais...
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From a parent, about studying music



One of my friends asked "Why do you pay so much money for music lessons, and for so many years?" Well I have a confession to make, I don't pay for my kids' lessons per se. Personally, I couldn't care for it. So, what am I paying for and why? - I pay for those moments when my kids become so tired they want to quit but don't. - I pay for those days when my kids come home from school and are "too tired" to go practice and to lessons but practice daily and go to lessons regularly anyway. - I pay for my kids to learn to be disciplined. - I pay for my kids to learn to take care of their body. - I pay for my kids to learn to work with others - I pay for my kids to learn to deal with disappointment as well as success. - I pay for my kids to learn to make and accomplish goals. - I pay for my kids to learn that it takes hours and hours and h - Leia mais...
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The Art of Fugue album – Presale



In this year we are celebrating 10 years working on the Brazilian Chamber Music and the Brazilian Recorder Practice, and because of that, we decided to get this great challenge: to record "The Art of Fugue", one of the masterpieces of Johann Sebastian Bach. All the recording sessions are done with the Tatuí Technology University support, and we need your help to finish this great project. To cover printing and finishing costs, you can help us buying the CD in advance to its release. If you like recorder, baroque music, chamber music, and finally, the music by J. S. Bach, or if you simply admire and are following us, we know we can count on you in this project, made just for you, the one whom we share our music, our dreams and challenges. Help us in our 10th anniversary, and receive our best with love! Look at the perks we prepared for - Leia mais...
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How to foster positive experiences in a competition: concerns in preparing a Suzuki contestant



A Teacher’s Challenge I have taught using the Suzuki method for 17 years, and I always try to supplement the daily lives of my students with information and opportunities related to the recorder. This means that I talk with them about ongoing concerts, courses, events, master classes, opportunities to play with an orchestra, travel—and why not, contests? I know some teachers are against the participation of their students in competitions. I’ve heard a number of comments related to negative experiences of children—and especially of Suzuki students, who are taught about the joy of playing and to respect and encourage other students rather than to compete against them, which inevitably changes as the students become old enough to join a youth orchestra. I began to change my mind in 2001. Before that, I was also mostly against this type of activi - Leia mais...
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