Month: December 2018

Brazilian Recorders at “The Interludes”



Original article: MONDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2018 REVIEW  Quinta Essentia, “The Interludes”, First Lutheran Church, Torrance  by David J Brown    The fact that the South Bay has several chamber music series, most of them master-minded by Jim Eninger , means that—like the weather in New England—if whatever is current is not to your taste, then just wait as something different will be along shortly.And usually that something different is really different…  I don't know about in America, but way back when I was in post-war English primary school the last resort of hopeful music-teachers faced with a class of terminally unmusical kids was to hand out an armful of treble recorders and hope for the best. As one of those kids, it was quite a few years before I reali - Leia mais...
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