Bach: The Art of Fugue – Quinta Essentia Quartet



Original post: Review by Adrian Quanjer - March 12, 2017 This is special in a number of ways. The most obvious one is: more than 81 minutes of recorded sound against 80 minutes said to be the maximum for the CD layer. However, a more important one pertains to the choice of instruments. Before going into that, it’s perhaps useful to realize, though scholars do not agree, what ‘The Art of the Fugue’ is about; what was Bach’s purpose? It is illuminating that Bach did not write the variations for a specific instrument. They were written in so called ‘open score’. This was not uncommon in those days, as long as it gives at - Leia mais...
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The Art of Fugue album – Presale



In this year we are celebrating 10 years working on the Brazilian Chamber Music and the Brazilian Recorder Practice, and because of that, we decided to get this great challenge: to record "The Art of Fugue", one of the masterpieces of Johann Sebastian Bach. All the recording sessions are done with the Tatuí Technology University support, and we need your help to finish this great project. To cover printing and finishing costs, you can help us buying the CD in advance to its release. If you like recorder, baroque music, chamber music, and finally, the music by J. S. Bach, or if you simply admire and are following us, we know we can count on you in this project, made just for you, the one whom we share our music, our dreams and challenges. Help us in our 10th anniversary, and receive our best with love! Look at the perks we prepared for - Leia mais...
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