Impressionist Seasons

This project honors the great teacher who strongly influenced music in the Americas: Nadia Boulanger.

Ms. Boulanger lived with composers such as Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel in Paris, and was a student of Gabriel Fauré and Igor Stravinsky at the Paris Conservatory. But her greatest achievement was as a teacher, having formed many of the renowned composers of the 20th century such as: Almeida Prado, D. Barenboim, A. Copland, J. Coulthard, D. Diamond, J. E. Gardiner, E. Gismonti, P. Glass, J. Horovitz, Q. Jones, M. Legrand, J. Menuhin, Á. Piazzolla, C. Santoro, R. Shafer, J. Wood and others. It is amazing to note that many of her students were successful and renowned composers, which shows us how fundamental the work of an artist teacher is.

For this reason, we chose works that somehow relate to this great teacher, some of them from her influencers such as Debussy and Ravel, and others from one of her pupils, Ástor Piazzolla, who makes a stylistic counterpoint the repertoire, which of course, also shows a style closer to our culture.

Nadia Boulanger becomes the artistic mentor of this work, by her example, by her work, and for her great contribution to the development of music in the Americas.