After the great success of the production The Art of Fugue, Quinta Essentia shows a more comprehensive panorama of German Baroque music, to be enjoyed at night.

Some pieces are iconic and well known to the audience, and could not be forgiven out of this repertoire: the Canon by J. Pachelbel and the Passacaglia in C minor by J. S. Bach.

We also pick pieces by the most successful German composer of that time, G. P. Telemann, who carries the title of most prolific composer of all time in the Guinness World Records for more than 3,000 composed musical works in his name.

Two lesser-known composers, but as brilliant as the others: D. Buxtehude well known to organists since he composed the great part of the standard organ repertoire, in addition to being nothing less than a professor of J. S. Bach; and G. Muffat, who mixed together the two great styles of Baroque music, Italian and French, having studied with Jean Baptiste Lully in France and having contact with Arcangelo Corelli in Rome, and bringing to Germany the style of the mixed tastes, also known as Les Goûts Réunis.