Month: June 2016

America Tour: Review at NEIU Independent



In May and June 2016, Quinta Essentia toured over United States passing over 8 cities in 5 states. There were 7 concerts, and its members offered 8 masterclasses and a speech, also participating at the SAA Conference in Minneapolis and the Whitewater Early Music Festival. About the concert at Northeastern Illinois University in the Jewel Box Series, Quinta Essentia received the review by the NEIU Independent, transcribed below: Recording Bach: Quinta Essentia Jewel Box Original article: Pablo Medina, Production Manager May 25, 2016 I never hear enough recorder in my life. The same is most likely true for many people, even in kindergarten and music appreciation classes. The Quinta Essentia Quartet from Brazil made that statement truer with their strong perfor - Leia mais...
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