Month: June 2020

Zooming in the quarantined recorders in Brazil



Difficult times force the artists to reinvent and be creative, finding new ways to connect to the audiences. On June 24th we completed 3 months in social isolation. Unfortunately, rehearsals, concerts and tours were cancelled, but we discovered many positive aspects of the situation: presencial lessons were transformed into online lessons with a very good quality and experience for the students. After 13 weeks of social isolation we can share what we learned from this situation, and everything we are doing in order to continue to making music together, and strengthening the recorder community. Before the pandemics, we already had online students, some of them in other countries such as Australia and Belgium, and some living in different and far regions in Brazil (that has 4394km north/south and 4319km east/west, something huge when compared to any Eur - Leia mais...
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