Month: November 2015

How to foster positive experiences in a competition: concerns in preparing a Suzuki contestant



A Teacher’s Challenge I have taught using the Suzuki method for 17 years, and I always try to supplement the daily lives of my students with information and opportunities related to the recorder. This means that I talk with them about ongoing concerts, courses, events, master classes, opportunities to play with an orchestra, travel—and why not, contests? I know some teachers are against the participation of their students in competitions. I’ve heard a number of comments related to negative experiences of children—and especially of Suzuki students, who are taught about the joy of playing and to respect and encourage other students rather than to compete against them, which inevitably changes as the students become old enough to join a youth orchestra. I began to change my mind in 2001. Before that, I was also mostly against this type of activi - Leia mais...
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